About us

We are New Zealand's leading Internet of Things platform.

Intelligent monitoring and control drives performance, efficiency and quality.

RICADO was developed to monitor and control distributed systems in ‘real-time’,
primarily within the kiwifruit industry.

Large scale enterprises demand intelligent systems to ensure efficient utilisation of resources that are controlled, reported and monitored to deliver value, insight, and performance, while reducing risk.


Fully adaptable to any situation.
Retro-fit ready; easily integrates with existing systems.

Real-time Monitoring

On-demand reporting.
Alarm management system with diagnostic capabilities.

Real-time Control

Real-time control of SCADA, PLC or any IoT device.


Compliance monitoring and reporting.

Inventory Management

Inventory management and traceability.

BI / Data Warehouse

Analytical business intelligence.


A cloud-based software-as-a-service, supported by on-site proxies as required.

Continuous Improvement

Facilitate continuous improvement of process automation.


Improve your processes with new workflows by integrating/customising disruptive technology.

Why choose us?

We developed RICADO in real-world situations to solve commercial issues, simplify processes and create efficiencies. Our timeline is packed with testimonials from our customers, so please contact us to take advantage of what RICADO has to offer.

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Our Clients

In collaboration, we serve many industry leaders. Their systems are modern, efficient and reliable – thanks to RICADO.

Using the RICADO system for controlling our irrigation and frost protection has revolutionized how we are able to control and run our water system. Being able to control all aspects of the system at anytime from anywhere has greatly increased our efficiency. For us using RICADO was a huge leap forward in controlling our water.

Leighton Oats

GM Operations- Baygold Ltd

Our Team

Ash Neilson

    Ash has deep roots in the automation sector having completed studies in Electronic Engineering in 2007. His first large scale programming project was in 2008 at the age of 18, automating a 2MW hydro power station for Genesis.

    Ash has always had a passion for automated systems and in particular has great skill for and knowledge of communication systems. It was this passion and a desire to change the way automation and technology was used in the kiwifruit industry that led Ash to develop RICADO.
Regan Mowbray

    Regan joined the team in 2011 as a systems integrator tasked with PLC programming and RICADO installations. His role has evolved over the years as his passion for wireless technologies grew.

    Regan has been key to RICADO’s success both in cellular & satellite technologies for internet connectivity and wireless & fibre technologies for local on-site communications. Regan formed his own company, RexNetworks, and has partnered with RICADO to provide internet connectivity and wireless systems beyond what we could cater for in-house. Regan continues to be involved in RICADO providing communications and diagnostic services.
Aaron Davison

    Aaron joined the team in 2015 as a software developer tasked with the development of RICADO mobile Apps. In 2016 Aaron graduated from The University of Waikato with a degree in Software Engineering with First Class Honours.

    Aaron has a passion for creating User Experiences and Graphical User Interfaces that feel natural and seamless across multiple devices and Operating Systems.
Daryl Anderson

    Daryl joined the team in 2016 to focus on business growth around the new generation of Ricado software.

    Daryl brings with him 20 years of business experience covering Banking, Farming and the TV / Media industry. Customer relations, integrity and product effectiveness are the primary attributes that he states will provide business growth and market penetration now and into the future.
Graeme Neilson

    Graeme has been heavily involved within the farming and kiwifruit industries. With a background in engineering he has been involved in kiwifruit development, irrigation systems and management systems to improve automation, control and diagnostic evaluation of large scale projects.

    Graeme is a significant part of the Baygold Group which has developed and manages in excess of 170 Ha of gold kiwifruit orchards within the Bay of Plenty region. The success of RICADO is linked to Graeme’s desire for embracing technology to improve efficiency, performance and reporting.
Michael Lee

    Mike joined RICADO in 2015 and provides 19 years of commercial experience leading information systems development.

    Mike’s recent projects include IT contractor for NZ tourism, insurance and horticulture sectors delivering both server and cross-platform mobile apps for business and industrial applications. Experience also includes team lead and senior developer for Agfirst BOP (2008-2014), where he developed and documented all mission-critical applications in ERP, Lab, Mobile and GIS applications. Agfirst BOP subsequently made a successful exit to Eurofins in 2015.
Phillip Green

    Phillip joined the RICADO team in 2017 as hardware support after serving 2 years in kiwifruit post-harvest IT; he has a background in computer tech support and low voltage wiring. His role at RICADO is to provision and support the hardware that is installed on each site.